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Kava - Piper methysticum... Looking for a plant or rhizomes to buy in Costa Rica

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I don't think you'll be able to find it in your country. Try searching in online stores. I noticed that the number of sales of various herbs on the Internet has increased. For example, recently, I ordered a bladderwrack. I have a weak immune system and I constantly have some health problems. I ordered bladderwrack, as it helps to get rid of joint pain. Recently, in my country, there have been sharp changes in the weather and because of this, my joints often hurt. No painkillers helped me, so bladderwrack is a real salvation for me.

I had previously gotten cuttings from fruitlovers . Had to pay additional for a phytosanitary certificate.  They only came as single nodes which I think 2 nodes is really good for ensuring easier propagation.  I've grown it a couple of times but unfortunatley just killed it each time.

On my list to grow, hopefully will have a greenhouse capable of supporting it in the future. 

Logee's Greenhouse sometimes has kava available for sale. I have bought one from them before. Plant was very nice I must say.

However I have too had this plant many times and killed it each time. Super tropical. A few nights in the mid 60sF will kill one of these guys.

There's an online buddy of mine in Germany successfully growing it in a greenhouse setting. Very good looking plants too. Hopefully I can get some this year.


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