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What is, are, your favorite grapes varieties ?

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I live in France, in an area where grapes and vineyards are everywhere. However, it still quite all the same varieties and it's quite boring when you want something that is out of these standard grapes  ( they are good, sugary,..   but the taste is nothing to compare to a Concord or Noah grapes varieties - I have already taste one these varieties and I fall in love about the complexity of the aroma )

I am waiting for your suggestions about what are your favorite grapes varieties ? Why ? ( it can be about the taste or about the cultivation requirements of the vines, or any other thing )



Santa Maria 9b:
Blueberry grapes are the best flavor wise, I am going to replace some of my Chardonnay and Thompson seedless vines with them this winter. They really do taste like a cross between a blueberry and a seedless grape  Not sure if you can get them in France yet they are a newish variety.

My other favorite is Zinfandel, because the production is ludicrous

Cotton candy

I agree, Cotton Candy.

I have several Vidal Blanc vines, which are my favorite.  I think the fresh eating flavor is similar to Cotton Candy grapes from the grocery store.  The main downside is it's not super productive for me.


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