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Temperate Fruit Discussion / Re: Persimmon fruit set and bud drop
« on: July 06, 2021, 03:55:06 PM »
I had one day ants on my kaki sharon and when they kept the louses the small fruits also got black ( i think fungus) and the fruits died even some smal twigs died. Now since I made a barrier for the ants my tree recovered and now 2 years later my tree is in good shape, has new fruits and they look well.
Not sure if this is your problem, but you could look for that.

Yes it will be interesting to follow the growing process.Up to now they grow well and good. Time will tell if grafting on young seedlings will have disadvantages.
Concerning fungal disease could be a slight disadvantage but I think it is primarily a question of varieties and cultivating conditions.
Due to the fact that I had a lot seedlings it was a good option to try some experiments  ;).

I still tried some more graftings with young seedlings and have very low fail rates, so I believe due to the youth of the plants and the strong growing ability (Dunstan citrumelo) it' s very favorable for grafting and fast wound healing. Currently I tried a combination seedling (Dunstan citrumelo) with thin mature wood of cocktail pomelo ( there the result is still open).
But in the picture a new good growing graft of Star Ruby on Dunstan citrumelo, both 5 month old seedlings.

Regards Frank

Thank you Zitrusgärtner, So it seems the HRS xxx varieties are a little bit like Divas. I lost mine this years but I think it was not only the cold but also a rootstockproblem.
Have now a new one in a different place - so lets see what the next winter brings  ;).
Regards Frank

my Yuzu froze down a few cm about earth (-16 degree celsius) this winter but no comes back.
And due to my experiences with this winter and small plants in ground, I still will keep them 1 or 2 winters in pot
before planting in ground.

thanks citradia for your very interesting information and experience. So I will also have to protect them when planting in ground.
Best regards Frank

I got this year a citradia and taiwanica and plan to plant them next spring in ground in zone 7, everyone out there who  cultivates them in ground and can tell me of his experience how frosthardy they are, which lowest temperature have they born good, which temperature survived with small damages?
Thanks for your help  ;)

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Citsuma Prague
« on: June 26, 2021, 05:53:06 AM »
Hello vnomonee,
i think all advices and suggestions made are right. I got my Prague in summer 2020 as small plant,planted in ground and protected passiv with cocomats, see also my post, and it survived for our conditions a hard winter with freeze temperatures for four frost days with -11 to - 16 degrees as young plant, with nearly no damage.
So I would recommend still one year in pot or planting in ground and very good winter protection and no fertilizer later than August.

Thank you Zitrusgärtner, up to now I hadn' t the possibility to highcraft, but I agree that this is very helpful,
also the sun protection.
How is your HRS899 A did you have fruits last year ?
Regards Frank

Hello Perlexed,
I checked with Android, try to tap on the blurry picture then you get asked if you want full resolution. If you tap on this, you should get full resolution and don' t have a blurry photo. Due to file datasize I was forced to compress.

So I' m glad if my post is useful.
Regards Frank

Congratulations, very nice result and reward for raising seedlings.
Regards Frank

Now a final conclusion after the winter is possible.
From the 3 candidates with high mortal risk in the last report, the 5* and the HRS 899 finally died but I' m glad to report, that Ichangquat 245 survived. So from 10 frosthardy variants 7 could survive this for citrus very hard winter and spring.
Best regards Frank

Paul and Millet,
thanks for your watering informations, very interesting how many ways are possible and every with some advantages and disadvantages, depending from plant size, climate and personal estimations. But thats the big advantage of a worldwide forum to get good ideas and helpful information.
Have a wonderful pentecost weekend. Regards Frank.

Hi Brian, interesting, even didn' t know that these pots are exported to the US, yes we have these pots also here, but actually I referred to orange pots in plastic. Im using them for bigger plants due to weight 😅🙋‍♂️.
Regards Frank

« on: May 20, 2021, 02:57:42 PM »
I have a Chironja blooming now. Im wondering how much fruits will leave on the not so big plant and how they will look like.
Someone out there who already harvested some fruits and could gently show some pictures, of fruit on tree and cut open ? Some general information as fruit taste and if endured some frost the frost hardiness would be great - thanks in advance.
Best regards Frank

Yes Pagnr, you are totally right, that it' s important to install it some time before leaving, due to a lot of possible misfunctions. Today I started it with a geeat part of my plants and I saw, that the irrigatin nozzles at each plant has carefully to be adapted and finetuned, to get a good water distribution in the pots.
And further I have the issue, some plants are growing heavily with a great water consumption and others have lower water consumption, even getting more different by different soil mixes. So I decided to irrigate every 2. day and ask my son to be a supervisor and eventually irrigate some plants which need water more often by hand.

Hello Brian, yes you are fully right in hot summerdays watering every day is needed. i think most of my pots are good drained, so I will try dayly watering. Yes I repot all my plants from nurseries which come in black pots in the orange standard pots we have here in Germany. They are O.K. concerning heat.
Thank you all for your advice  :D.

thank you Millet very interesting info.

Citrus General Discussion / Automatic watering experiences needed
« on: May 18, 2021, 04:14:55 PM »
For my next holidays i will install automatic watering.
Technical its no problem, but currently i' m asking myself in which cycles to program the watering of my potted citrus.
If it' s very sunny it would be good or necessary to water every day. If it' s colder and rainy weather watering every second day would be enough.
So If I would water every day but the weather would be colder and rainy in summer, would it harm the roots if they are always wet for e.g. 14 days ? Who has good experiences about the cycle of automatic watering that works for the citrus ?  Thank you

I have my greenhause since last autumn. And by reading your question and Ilyas answer, I also asked me what to do in summer. I have a heating system for winter which I could also use for ventilation in summer. But by thinking about I had the idea additional to the door and the window taking out a wall panel, perhaps then this is sufficient to limit the heat to under 40 degree Celsius. Perhaps this is also possible in your greenhouse ( if this works) ?

nice success, congratulation, also the recycling of the pt tops 😉

here is the final update of the survivors (new green buds and no dry back anymore) and the candidates with still mortal risk (dry back goes on or rootstock got cracks) and the Dunstan which is already died.
Due to our very cold April ( coldest since many years) the plants start very slow growing.
The Thomasville had new shot and this was eaten by an unknown insect, so because the plant is still small I put it in a net for protection for a few weeks.

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Citrus blossoms
« on: May 02, 2021, 01:49:47 AM »
Hello Citradia, thanks for your pomelo experience. My Chandler had 4 fruits for the first time (in pot), bloomed in march and I harvested one after the other between october and march. None was really bad, but in march was better than october. So let s see if i' m patient enough to let one ripe still a few months longer and if the second fruit year still helps 😉.

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Citrus blossoms
« on: May 01, 2021, 02:58:02 AM »
very wonderful citrus pictures citradia thank you, a pleasure to see. How are the rio red fruits are tasting in your climate if ripe ? Because often I read that grapefruits and pomelos dont' getso sweet in our colder climats. Whereas last year I got for the first time fruits of my chandler and for the first fruits of this plant I was positive surprised and very content by tart/ sweetnes.

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