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Hi All,
At the local asian supermarket this past weekend I bought some special mangos (Special for being in Canada that is) that were supposedly flown in from asia. Kind of pricy, $15 for the pack. I had to get them because they were so fragrant and looked great. So I cut them open and they smell a bit like durian. Then we eat them and then they are extremely sweet and taste like someone gave you a bowl of Durian and Mangoes, it even had that unique durian aftertaste.

They are orange inside and the seed looks poly. Can anyone confirm that these are those Kuwini mangoes? The fruit code label doesn't really tell much and it doesn't exactly match the descriptions on the internet which say they are green/yellow as these are yellow with red blush.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Odd shaped Dragonfruit Stems
« on: August 07, 2021, 05:59:21 PM »
Was wondering if anyone has seen this before or knows why this happens. More of a curiosity rather than a problem. Sometimes my Dragonfruit shoots come out weird like a typical cactus instead of the three sides. Most seem to correct themselves eventually but some keep growing oddly.

Does any one know if it is possible to graft peaches/plum/sweet cherry etc. ie. members of the Prunis family to Sour cherries? I have a couple sour cherry trees/bushes and wanted to graft some other fruits to them. I know they are all in the same family so it should be technically possible but there doesn't seem to be much research info about this and people either haven't tried it or have expressed hypothetical compatibility issues when grafting to sour. Does anyone have any insight?

Hey Guys,

Wondering if anyone knows if finger lime flowers can be pollinated by non finger lime flowers (ie. Lemon, Lime, Orange etc.) I know most citrus species are usually quite compatible at cross pollination but couldn't seem to find information if it worked for Finger Limes too


Had a question for you guys. I think it is common to graft the larger guava species (ie. White Guava to Ruby Guava) but I was wondering if anyone knows it is possible to graft the smaller bush type guavas
ie. Cattley Guava/Strawberry Guava to the larger tree type guavas (Psidium guajava) and vice versa? I know the stem sizes are different, but I was just wondering if anyone has done it before.

Looking to complete my collection of potted tropical fruit plants before winter comes.

Looking for a rooted Yellow Cattley Guava grown from a cutting. (ie. Don't want to wait for years for fruiting)

I am in Canada, I would be responsible for damage/loss during shipping process. I will provide a UPS shipping label and can arrange to have UPS pickup. all I would need is the seller to box it up and give me the dimensions.

Let me know how much..

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