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ISO Taggiasca Olive trees

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Hey everyone! I'm looking for Taggiasca Olive Trees. Oneegreenworld sells them but is out of stock. Suggestions for other places to look or anyone who has them?

Bay Flora, but shipping is 45% and they recommend 2nd day FedEx at a greater cost to the East Coast during cold weather (or hot weather) conditions.


Unfortunately, when I try to put the item in my cart, it says it is not able to be shipped. Thanks though!

We must have caught it at the wrong time. When I go to the main page for olive trees, it now says this variety is out of stock.  Other varieties still show up in the cart.

I go to this site occasionally, and sometimes when things are out of stock, they have trees ready and then they go in stock for a very short time, then go out of stock again.  If I notice that this olive variety is available, I'll update this thread.

P.S., I mean, when I looked at it after seeing the first post, the trees were still in stock, but just went out of stock in the past couple of days.

P.P.S. Santa Cruz Olive Tree Nursery lists your variety, but there is a 20 tree minimum.

Thanks! I really appreciate the help!

I would love to have 20 trees! Wish I had the space, maybe one day I will :)


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