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Hi all, I grow the following bananas.  All heights listed are the height of the Pseudostem i.e. "trunk" at fruiting height. By propping I mean that certain varieties when fruiting become top heavy and will fall over. To prevent this they need to be propped up.  The size doesn't really matter because they grow so fast. The true value here is that you are actually getting the variety you pay for.  Many, many bananas sold online and at nurseries are mislabeled. 

2-3 gallon plants are $20 and about 2-3 feet tall total height excluding pot.  California Gold, Blue Java, Paggi and Dwarf Red cost $30.
5-7 gallon plants are $35 and about 4 feet tall total height excluding pot.  California Gold, Blue Java, Paggi and Dwarf Red cost $45.
15 gallon plants are $50 and 5 feet or taller, total height excluding pot.  California Gold, Blue Java, Paggi and Dwarf Red cost $60.

Currently available for sale I have Gold Finger in 15 gallon, Manzano in 2 and 5 gallon, Mysore in 5 and 15 gallon, Gros Michel in 5 gallon, Raja Puri in 2 gallon and California Gold in 5 gallon. 

Dwarf Brazilian - Beautiful plant, grows to 9-10' tall, nice wide dark green leaves, produces large bunches of delicious fruit. This is a Hawaiian variety. In Hawaii it is called an Apple Banana. THIS IS A MUST HAVE! If you only grow one banana, this is it! Never needs propping.

Gold Finger - Nice banana, grows to about 8', large fruit. It is a cross between Dwarf Brazilian and Gran Nain (the bananas you buy in the store i.e. Chiquita bananas). Needs propping.

Manzano - Grows tall and skinny, produces bananas that have a slight green apple taste to them, grows to 12-13' tall. Requires propping.

Mysore -  Very vigorous, monster of a banana plant. The plant is beautiful with reddish purple coloring in the trunk, and the underside of the leaf. Produces huge bunches of very sweet flavorful bananas. Widely grown in India and one of the favorite dessert bananas there. Very ornamental and a good producer of quality bananas. Grows to 13-14' tall. Requires propping.


Blue Java AKA Ice Cream - This is the real Ice Cream banana. Most bananas sold as Ice Cream aren't the real thing. What makes this banana unique is it's light and fluffy texture with a slight vanilla taste. The fruit ripens to a blue, silver color with light green leaves on the plant. Grows to 12-13' tall. This is a Hawaiian variety. It requires propping. This variety costs $10 more than other varieties.


Dwarf Namwa - Produces 200-300 of the sweetest bananas you have ever tasted! Fruit flesh is dense and light orange colored. This banana is from Thailand.  Does not require propping. Grows to 7-9' tall.

Red Iholene - One of the most beautiful banana plants due to its attractive coloring of red and purple on the trunk and under sides of the leaves. The pink fleshed bananas are delicious fresh or cooked and is a favorite Hawaiian variety. Very beautiful plant but it is cold sensitive.  It grows to 12'.

Gros Michel - The original store bought banana! Up until the 1950's this was the most popular banana sold in the world. Most of the plants were killed by disease and the banana industry switched to a new variety. The Gros Michel is a little larger and MUCH better tasting than the bananas sold in stores today. Grows to 12', requires propping.

California Gold - What makes this banana special is it's cold tolerance. It is reported to be the most cold hardy fruiting banana. Excellent for colder areas where bananas usually can't grow. Grows to 8' tall and does not require propping. This variety costs $10 more than other varieties.

Raja Puri - A very popular banana from India. It is very tolerant to cold, heat and wind.  It grows 8-10' tall. Sometimes needs propping.

Dwarf Red - Very beautiful short plant that is sensitive to cold. Only Gros Michel is more cold sensitive. The plant has red coloring to Pseudostem and fruit. If you live close to the coast I highly recommend this variety. It is a beautiful plant, with beautiful fruit that tastes great and doesn't need to be propped. These are the red bananas you can buy in the store. It grows very slow. Grows to only 7-8' tall. This variety costs $10 more than other varieties.


Paggi - Not much is know about this variety. It is believed to be related to Gros Michel. Many that have tried it say it is the best tasting banana they have ever had. I believe it grows to about 12 feet. Limited availability. This variety costs $10 more than other varieties.


Is the Ice Cream aka Blue Java?

Yes the Ice Cream I have is the real Blue Java.  Right now I only have a small pup and I'm not sure if it will live.  I didn't get much corm or roots when I removed it from the mother plant.  Try me in a couple weeks and I'll let you know how it did.


Have all of these varieties produced fruit for you in your yard?

No, not all. I have fruited namwa, ice cream, California gold, raja puri, goldfinger, and dwarf Brazilian.



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