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Flamboyan tree (Delonix Regia)

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I'm looking to purchase a Flamboyant tree- I'm in Claremont California 91711. I have tried to grow from seeds- last year I was able to get some seedlings but all died- since, I have tried with no success. The seeds get moldy. Any suggestions or information?

Is this tree hardy enough to survive our winters? 

Its not the same tree but I have some yellow flowering type tree thats similar.  Its called Peltophorum pterocarpum.  Grew it from seeds and it already flowered after 2 years.  If you want to grow that one instead I can send seeds. 

Are you looking for the "Royal Poinciana" I have one growing in Chula Vista and i gave one to my friend in northern San Diego, his grows well and flowers. There are also some growing ion some streets in central San Diego.

Royal Poinciana grows like a weed here in FL zone 9b. I know a guy who has one in his yard and the seeds sprout all over his lawn and make a nuisance of themselves. Maybe try again with fresh seed and sterile soil on a heating mat?

They grow and bloom like the tropics here in La Habra. Ricardo’s nursery in Long Beach  has lots for sale. They should replace every crappy jacaranda and magnolia street trees in Orange County.


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