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Flamboyan tree (Delonix Regia)

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Jack, Nipomo:
I have started many seeds after collecting seed pods in Baja CA and mainland Mexico..  Simply put seed in a coffee cup, poured boiling water over them, 24 hours later seed coat is broken and soft.  Placed in virtually any soil they geminate readily in a week.  Some have grown up to 3 ft here in Nipomo, only to succumb with our winters.  I still have one 4 ft that survived due to global warming (no killing frosts for over 5 years).  Time will tell.  They are magnificent trees and I returned a number of trees back to Todos Santos Baja CA. where they continue to flourish.

Lol I had so many I just gave them away to the San Diego Zoo. I have like 2 from Miami and 2 from Belize still I think


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