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Amazing this Eugenia turned out to be a novel hybrid of E. luschnathiana x E. selloi, Pitangatuba crossed with Pitomba.  It taste just like a mix of the two.  I hope you enjoy the video.  Hopefully will have some of these available by next year!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Summer's End: What Rare Fruits are Left to Eat?
« on: September 10, 2022, 12:30:56 PM »
new video touring around the farm, trying to find fruits that are still left to eat after a brutal summer season that was too hot and dry.

The rains are finally coming, and everything thinks it's spring.  Mostly Plinia fruits now and Eugenias, but we also have a good amount of Garcinia, and Persimmon fruits.

What's fruiting now for you?

making some new content on my youtube channel, pre recorded and edited stuff.

This one is about some of my experiences in growing Annonas on the farm, which is a bit too cold and wet for most of the typical varieties (Atemoya, Sugar apple, etc...)

the video premieres in about 2hrs.

8yrs almost to the day, since I officially got a nursery license and started my business.

We're celebrating 2022 with some new Plinia hybrids selected on the farm, and more rare fruit items (fresh fruit, and freeze dried).

Here is a new logo graphic my mom made (she is also responsible for the original logo).

We plan to use it on some items like stickers, shirts, and decks.  Will have to slightly modify or crop the image to fit shirts, because it's lengthwise now to fit a deck.

Hope everyone is doing well, and eating something rare, of the genus Plinia preferably.

this is pure red jaboticaba pulp, freeze dried, the result is one of the most amazing fruit related items you can jaboticaba cotton candy with a crunch...intense flavor...sweet with some favorite thing to do with jaboticaba for sure...(not a wine drinker here lol...fruit leathers used to be the thing, but that's soooo 2000 and late)

Please check website for details, it will sell out eventually.

no shipping to CA, TX, HI, or AZ thanks!

it would be excellent if the strange color stays...

they’re sweet low resin fruits so far...very pale.

I think the last speech i gave was in 2014 to the Tropical Fruit & Vegetable Society of the Redland (Rare Tropical Fruit Conference)...about 7yrs ago.

I figured that was as good as it gets, and really didn't have much new information to share, so I stopped giving speeches and stayed at home on the farm to take care of my plants and animals.

I turned down a lot of requests to speak over the years, and recently tried to turn down another, but made a joke "if they let me do a zoom speech I might consider" ended up biting me in the butt, because now with COVID, all the speeches are via i had no way to refuse (my usual excuse is, I have no employees, and have to stay and watch the farm...and it's not worth it for me to travel for a speech, I'd make more money and have less stress just staying at home).

So now I'm preparing a speech for the same society that paid for my last speech in 2014, the Tropical Fruit & Vegetable Society of the Redlands, on the 31st of March 2021.  The same subject as before, but now with 7yrs more experience.

To see the speech I assume you'd have to pay the dues for the club....maybe worth it because of all the zoom speeches they'll have?

I think they may film it and have a way to share it, but don't quote me on that....

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Peculiar Flowers of a Eugenia uniflora
« on: January 30, 2021, 01:58:05 PM »
Here are some pics, note the shape of the anthers, the petal count, and of course the size.

I put a normal black pitanga flower in the pic to show them side by side.

live stream begins at 905 about 15 min from now


feed two animals with one stone fruit, and then clean the stones for planting...yo...

a most commonly asked question....

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