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Oro Negro and Catalina avocado trees available to trade


I have 4 Oro Negro and 1 Catalina  small grafted avocado trees that Iím willing to trade. These are grafted on West Indies root stocks. Can be Walding, Monroe or Catalina. Sometimes I can tell others I canít.   
Iím looking for: Sir Prize, Green Gold, Hulumanu, Daily 11, Semil 34, Fujikawa, Gwen, Kalaluu. If interested send me a private message, Only local trade. No shipping.

Hi Carlos, i have Green Gold, Semil 34, and Kahaluu avos. If you can't get them locally let me know and can send you scions. I just checked on Kahaluu and could send some already. Where you the one that asked for Malama? Also have it available. Malama was rated second best, after Kahaluu which is number one, here in blind taste test by gourmet chefs.

Get those scions to Carlos so he can continue to test new varieties for us!  (Thanks, Carlos.) ;D


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