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Sale of rare plants - EU only - new species added

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I offer for sale several plants. Unfortunately, I only send in the EU, I do not have the opportunity to give a phytocertificate.
I calculate postage according to your country and the size of the plants you are interested in.
Payment in advance via Paypal.
The first photo is always the offered plant, the next photos from my big fruiting plant.

Spondia dulcis Dwarf - 45€   not avaitable
A small plant, but grows very fast. A rare variety that bears fruit after only 1 or 2 years. Very suitable for growing in a pot, where it is also willing to bear fruit.

Davidsonia pruriens - 60€
Rare Australian plum. I am selling a beautiful larger plant.

Psidium striatulum - 15€
A rare guava from Brazil with narrow leaves and lower grow. Very suitable for growing in a pot.

Eugenia uniflora Preta - 10€
Variety with tasty black fruits originating from Venezuela.

Syzygium smithii - 10€

Eugenia reinwardtiana - 10€   

Garcinia humilis - 18€

Myrciaria sp. Escarlate - 12€
This variety is probably the earliest of all Myrciaria. From seed to fertility is only 3-4 years.

Postage will be between 10 and 15 €. Probably more with Davidsonia and Annona jahnii and with more plants.

pm sent

Annona jahnii - 65€
6 year old seedling plant from seeds of Venezuela. It grows slowly for me.

Eugenia uniflora var. Dasyblasta - 20€

Psidium oligospermum - 15€  Just a little smaller plants 12€
An interesting species of Psidia, more information on the forum here:

Psidium firmum - 10€
Yellow-green fruits about 2-3 cm in size with a pleasant sweet and sour taste.

Psidium cattleyanumum - 7€

Hi Ondrej!

PM sent.

Best regards,

João Franco


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