Author Topic: Strange time for flowering  (Read 1003 times)


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Strange time for flowering
« on: September 26, 2013, 02:46:29 PM »
I know it's not a tropical fruit, but thought, I shared this once in a life time event(or maybe it occurs more often, just haven't heard or read about it ). Well, the picture below is what, I'm assuming a seedling white flesh peach, as there are no visible sign of a graft union or any traces that I can see anyway. This peach tree, was here before we moved in, so not sure of it's origins. However, it is a white flesh, but, the taste is not very good, ripen too soft for transport. Its flavor is quite water down/bland and it's not really sweet at all. Can't really find the right words to describe, but it kinda have that artificial sweetner/chemical off taste. The tree finish fruiting last month, the last fruit fell off about 2 weeks ago. No one liked the taste, so the remaining fruits were left to rot on the ground. The tree have have been some what pug/prune after the last few fruits were still on the tree. This phenomenal occurrences of two flowers, bloom on new growth, it quite didn't want to be fully form leaves, so it turned into flowers instead. The picture below shows the leaves that were partly form under the bloom. And the strangest thing, was that, there were no chill hours involve, since, it's was still late summer, when the tree was prune and now only bloom maybe 1-2 days ago, since the flowers aren't fully open?. I know there was a post about the same occurrence on a dragon fruit plant, that quite didn't turned into a full stem branch, but into a flower instead. So any logically explanation or any similar occurrence on your tropical or temperate fruit tree besides that one post about the DF?


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