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Mangoes that taste like Kent?

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--- Quote from: simon_grow on September 01, 2012, 09:53:51 PM ---Hello everyone, I was wondering what other mango varieties taste like Kent? Quang from Ongs nursery mentioned that Kent doesn't grow very fast here in San Diego. My friend that lives down the street from me had a small kent growing and it is not doing very well. It could be that he is not taking good care of his trees but I wanted to know what other options I have for mangoes that taste similar or better than Kent. Thanks in advance!

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Better than Kent? That shouldn't be too difficult. I think there are a few mango tasting threads on the forum where people commented on their favorite mangos and you may get some ideas from them.


--- Quote from: johnb51 on September 02, 2012, 06:54:08 PM ---I've found that most of the Keitts I've eaten have a flavor similar to Kent.  Am I the only one?

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I think I would agree with that, and throw in Beverly as well.

Harry - how in the world can you say Southern Blush has any similarity to Kent?  SB is an outstanding, sweet, rich aromatic mango...everything a Kent is not. 

I do agree that saying Keitt and Beverly could be compared to Kent...not that they taste the same but they are all in a group with similar quality and characteristics...all very average in MY book.

Valencia pride   at least in florida it is a vigorous grower too.



--- Quote ---I wanted to know what other options I have for mangoes that taste similar or better than Kent. Thanks in advance!
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Whether a particular variety is "better or not" is a matter of personal taste,  if I had to make a recommendation I would probably say Keitt,  it is a late season variety like Kent, similar sized,  but is more productive.  taste wise they are about the same in quality, although I prefer the texture of Kent.

Keitt is pretty disease resistant, and has excellent shelf life. as commercial varieties go, it probably the top ranking variety for that purpose.

Are there better tasting mangoes? you betcha !  look at past posts from those members in Ca. and see what they are growing well in that area.


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