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Keitt mango tree - Irma victim - remove or revitalize?

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My keitt tree (15-20 years old) was uprooted during Irma and put back in place. Since then it has only produced one fruit. This season it produced many panicles but never produced any fruit. It also has some black mold and a lot of lichen on it. Should I cut my losses and have it removed and plant a new keitt nursery tree? Or try to revitalize with pruning or fertilizer? Any help/instructions would be appreciated.

How about replacing it with a better variety, or do you really really love Keitt?

Well since I really really love Keitt mangos, I guess I should try to help. However, Har would be a better choice to answer this.

My guess is you have not given your mango tree enough copper. I also see a whole lot of vegetation which might imply (not definitely) too much water in the soil around the roots, so also try to provide an area to allow water to drain away from the tree by way of a trench etc.

Kocide, Nordox, etc. would be some copper products.

I have only tried nordox for my Keitt tree problems and still have a bag from many years ago as I believe it is a tablespoon per gallon of water. I would spray the entire tree probably once every 10 days for the next few months and it will probably also help decrease the lichen but you could scrape it off.

You can also use oil & might add an insecticide if applying to the bark for the lichen.

I would also fertilize it heavily after removing some of the vegetation. If a plant grows fast enough, disease seems to just vanish away with the rapid growth.

As a final note, disregard all of this if Har etc. give their opinion.

Yes my yard is out of control right now Iím going tree but tree mulching and weeding but not a lot of free time. This issue has been going on for years but the out of control yard is only recently

My suggestion is don't cut it.  It went through an unintentional root pruning when it was knocked over and righted.
Hopefully by now it has grown some of the roots it needs and is on its way back. I will put it on a regular fertilizer routine, micronutrients, 0-0-50 and epsom salt.  And wait.

For when to apply and how much, there is a guide from treasure coast or Brevard tropical fruit growers.


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