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First fruiting - Campomanesia guazumifolia

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Finally fruited my Campomanesia guazumifolia, from seeds I obtained from Vitor some years back. I have to say that this has not been the easiest plant for me to grow, as it seems to prefer more humidity than I can readily give it. It struggled for the first few years, until I placed it in the middle of a bunch of other potted plants, where because of the density it was a much more humid micro-climate.  Once there it took off, doubling in size the first year and nearly doubling again the second.  Unfortunately It outgrew its spot, and after moving it to a more open location it is back to struggling a bit.

Anyway, it flowered for the first time last year but did not set any fruit.  This year it set an abundance of fruit,  and I have been enjoying them for the past week or so.  The fruit is around 1 inch in diameter, flattened and yellow green to yellow in color. the skin has a fuzz, similar to a peach that does not wash off, and while it does not bother me, some people might find it a bit irritating.  the flavor is sweet to sub-acid, depending on the ripeness with flavors of apricot and guava.  Its relation to the Psidiums is evident in the texture, with a slight graininess near the skin and a more gelatinous pulp in the center. Overall a very enjoyable fruit, but not as good as my Campomanesia adamantium.


Awesome and thank you for your post, really helped me better understand what mine needs. Mine has also been crushing it and doubled in size this year and put out a few weak flowers. It makes sense about the humidity, mine has been way happier in my greenhouse dead center. It wasn't doing as well when it was by the door. Do you have yours in full sun?

Cool Richard


Very nice!


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