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Forkert Graft
« on: November 22, 2012, 05:16:06 PM »
I recall learning from enduser a while back, about the forkert graft.

there's a few posts if you search that term "forkert"

I ended up using this method for some avocado trees today. 

I chose this graft because I had disproportionately small scions(1-1.5cm), for my larger rootstocks (3-4cm)

if you can cleft graft something, I bet you can forkert graft it as well. (wedge, saddle and veneer should be possible as well)

be careful when attempting the forkert graft.  You can easily slice right through the thin layer of cambium and in to your hand meat.

take your time, cut slow and sure, and keep your fingers and energy situated behind the knife's sharp edge, as you force it into the cambium. (as seen in wedge graft loquat video)

I plan to try this method for the following





and a few others.

this graft is essentially a very shallow veneer graft, or an off set cleft graft, that is way off set.
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