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Looking for a Raspberry Latte Fig

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I am looking for either a young tree or a rooted cutting. I recently acquired some unrooted cuttings and its been about 3 weeks and they looked all pruned and have no signs of any roots so I am going to wait a bit but otherwise I assume they are dead or dying and I suck at rooting cuttings. Hence I want a rooted cutting or a young, healthy tree. Willing to pay shipping. Must be in the US due to agricultural restrictions

PM sent

my figs are waking up. i have bare root tree and dormant cuttings in november./ december please om thank i ship in us only.

Hana, the cuttings will root. Just keep the pot in the shade,water when soil looks dry (2x a week). It takes a while for figs to root, maybe 8 wks you should see some sign of bud grow. Figs are very easy to root, just look at some YouTube videos, don't use the figpop method (plastic bag only with soil), just the ones that show how to push it in a pot and let it grow, nothing fancy is required for rooting figs. If you have parafilm it helps to wrap the portion above soil. Rooting is much easier than grafting figs.

Here's some photos of my rooted figs, 6-8wks in pots.


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