Author Topic: Central Florida: Muscadine Grape, Black Suriname Cherry, Arabica Coffee, more  (Read 232 times)


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I'm in Titusville, East Coast Central Florida.  I do not ship.

I have the following in addition to the jaboticabas I have on another post.

3 varieties of Muscadine grape in 5g pots or larger (they are dormant right now):
Granny Val 5g for $50
Dixie Red 5g for $50
Ison 15g for $80

Black Suriname Cherry (tastes MUCH better than the common red fruited plant)
3g for $40
1g for $10

Arabica Coffee plants
7g for $50

Grumichama (variety from Australia)
1g for $20

Red jabo seedlings
1g for $10

Nelita Cherry of Rio Grande
3g for $50



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