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--- Quote from: Pancrazio on March 26, 2020, 08:59:20 AM ---Ahaha, sure you did! Given that i have some plants even in Cortona, you actually touched two of my backyards. Should have written me we could have attempted to visit the citrus in Villa Castello. But well, i guess maybe it's not the best time to go meeting some italians.

--- End quote ---

I met with 120 or something Italians in the castle for multiple days and I got back healthy :p

I got plants from Adavo(Rakytnik), Pepinieres Quissac,,Zitronenlust, Agrumi Lenzi, Oskar Tintori.
And Baumschule Schleipfer in Augsburg ( no internet, but friendly and good plants, got there a New Zealand grapefruit which I couldn' t get elsewhere 😅).
All of the above mentioned plant nurseries sent me very good plants to reasonable prices and I was very content also with contacts and reliability
best regards Frank

I know this list is for good sellers, but I do want to mention one that I bought from and that should be avoided at all costs for citrus:   (Belgium)
This store is not specialised for citrus, small amount of varieties but the plants come from sicily in heavy clay soil, probably treated with hormones to make them look nicer , they died several weeks after repotting and some of them even had pests (one came with wool lice, other with the armoured scale aphids.
They don't always respond and lie about what they use for soil and how customers should care for citrus plants.

Same with this store (who is looking for a new owner):  (The Netherlands)
They sold me Kaffir limes that were left in the cold and suffered clear cold damage, I was able to recover them but they're really looking in bad shape. Owner does not respond email and is angry at people when given negative review at trustpilot.

I then went to get plants from Oscar Tintori, they were very good, I did notice difference in use of soil, some plants have loose soil, others have heavier clay soil but nothing as bad as the one I bought from in the beginning.
Tintori's plants have survived me so far and they are very good.

Mango Stein:


--- Quote from: Mango Stein on Today at 05:41:02 AM ---Il y a quelques années, je suis tombé sur le site d'une organisation française qui vendait des greffons d'agrumes. Ils avaient des centaines de cultivars, dont Xie Shan. Maintenant, je ne peux pas le trouver. Quelqu'un peut-il aider?

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I bought kaffir limes from
Very nice plants, though they package it in a box filled with very environment unfriendly small styrofoam pieces.
But they have a good customer service, good plants.


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