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WTB: Fortunella Hindsii (aka Hong kong kumquat / kinzu / Golden bean kumquat)

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Does anyone have any fortunella hindsii plants or seeds for sale?

Or know of a good source to get them affordably?

I've heard it has the shortest juvenile period for a citrus species (essentially unedible due to size/seeds though)

I had a Hong Kong kumquat tree that I grew from seed, and the tree did produce fruit the first year.  Definitely not eatable.  I got tired of taking care of it and tossed it.  This was 10 years ago, and I no longer remember where I got the seed.

Probably Ned. I had one too, pretty much useless.


--- Quote from: Laaz on January 21, 2021, 02:55:26 PM ---Probably Ned. I had one too, pretty much useless.

--- End quote ---

Who is Ned?

They're used ornamentally in bonsai (despite being slow growers)

I want one too, just to complete my kumquat collection.  I had two but they keep dying for reasons that weren't clear to me.

There's a local place that sells them occasionally, but seeds are probably the way to go for these.


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