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Anyone ever figure out what type of Citrus this was?

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From the story, it has all the staples of something I should be seeking for my little grove, i'm quite intrigued!

It was an hybrid out of the Changsha x Poncirus group.  Probably a seedling of US852 or a seedling of an seedling...

I seem to remember that you asked this same question less than a month ago and I gave you a very detailed answer. That thread seems to have strangely completely disappeared now.

That makes me think, should I bother taking the time to answer this question since this thread might disappear too?

The guy who owns that tree is Dave in Virginia. Hardy citrus experts looking at the video in his YouTube channel identified the fruit as very likely being the citrandarin US-852 (which is a Changsha x trifoliate cross), or it could be a seedling from that.

I previously posted a picture of a fruit on that tree in this thread:
"Citrandarin fruits just starting to change color, in Virginia"

SoCal if you feel like you are wasting your time then don't answer the question.  ;)

BocaJoe told that his or better this tree came from a citrus exhibition and was a seedling of a Changsha x Poncirus hybrid.

Is this tree still around? I thought it froze to death?

Some more information about it

SoCal - I tried to ask previously, but I never got to see any answers; the forum was in the middle of whatever that strange access issue was, and the topic seemed to have completely disappeared. Since I assumed it never actually got posted in the first place, I wanted to wait a bit until the issues appeared resolved and then try again.

But thanks for the info!


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