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Organic Georgia trifoliate for sale at the farmers market!


Wow! The things that people will buy down here!
I wonder how much money these people make from selling this?<br /><br />

“Somewhere between an orange and a lemon.”


There are many groves of feral PT growing in SC and Georgia. I have harvest some and and examined the fruit found many which seem to be mono-embryonic.  How I tell it to take the inner seed coat off and see if the kernel is a single almond like seed or of it fractures and falls into many parts.  By they way its interesting to sprout these parts on a wet paper towel. Even the tiny fragments will germinate and send out a root. 

I've read that in the late 1800's people used them for fence hedges. My Mom said they were used for pectin when she was a child. A little of the pulp was mixed with fruit that didn't contain much natural pectin allowed the fruit to jam. The same way crab apples are used for the pectin.  They may be worth having to add genetic diversity to the current limited selection of PT that's available.  I am using the wild PT with mono-embryonic seed growing near me for crosses.  I hope they will confer a better chance of zygotic seedlings to the offspring.


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