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I am also interested in going in on any group buy for Furr, Carpenter, Bitters (C-22) or US-*** rootstock seeds. Arizona has notoriously calcareous soil (impenetrable hardened clay actually) that has driven the preference towards sour orange, which of course is unimproved. In particular, I know that Bitters has improved canopy, which would provide sun-fruit protection.

Please let me know! I'm pretty desperate to try at least one.

I am seeking fresh seeds of uncommon Annonaceae with tolerance of seasonal arid conditions and/or calcareous soil. I have read Annona leptopetala may have some potential, but I cannot find a reliable (preferably USA) source for seeds. Please message me if you know a good source! Thanks!

I'm just a very passionate hobbyist, so I cannot not handle the minimum order size of 1000+ citrus seeds that Lyn Seeds, the only retailer for these varieties I can find, offers.

I am seeking Bitters (C-22), Carpenter (C-54), or Furr (C-57) citrange rootstock seeds.
If anyone here or anyone you know is part of an operation using these improved rootstocks, please contact me.
Likewise, if anyone is interested in splitting an order, contact me.

Unfortunately, despite small but significant advantages to these rootstock varieties in ASU trials, these rootstocks cannot be found here. "Arizona grown" trees use a dated, high-suckering sour orange, due to their relative tolerance of our calcareous soils. Most citrus sold here is imported from California on mostly C-35, but occasionally Carrizo (supposedly inappropriate here), macrophylla (Eureka lemons only for some reason, with a number of disadvantages) & Flying Dragon. I'm not sure if citrus academics & nurseries here have been reluctant to adopt these; the additional cost is minor. Perhaps they are waiting for the coming HLB-resistant GMO rootstock? In any case it will be a long time before hobbyists have access to those.

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