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Possible to ship prunus scionwood to California?


I was hoping to get some plum cuttings as well as some ornamental cherry cuttings, but didn't want to do anything that would be illegal. I know that there are a lot of restrictions when it comes to all citrus entering California due to ACP, but I was wondering if those same level of restrictions and what the restrictions are for cuttings of the prunus genus in general. I was doing to basic researching but since I'm new to gardening I'm a little confused by the rules. It did seem that fruit and soil were carriers for a lot of pests in general so bareroot seems common for a lot of plants being shipped to California. What are peoples experiences with this, or if it is possible at all?

You can have scions sent to you its not a problem.  But there's plenty of material in CA so why get it imported?

True, fruit scions are probably easy enough in California and with this forum. I hadn't really put thought too much into it.

The ornamental flowering cherries might be more difficult. I've been looking for a couple of varieties that I can't seem to find anywhere in nurseries or commercial distributors. I figured that most likely I wouldn't be able to find it in California. But if it was found, it'd be out of state and I wouldn't be able to get a full plant. So, getting a scion to graft would be my best chance.

Is summer heat problematic for plums in zone 10 in California Bay area? You could easily find in your neighborhood a member of the California Rare Fruit Growers Association and get your answers first hand from them. They also have scion exchange meetings few times annually. Good luck.


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