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Blob on citrus tree

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Can anyone tell me what this translucent blob is doing on my Fukushu kumquat tree branch and what caused it.

the oozing goo looks like phytophthora to me, but I have never seen it on a fresh green branch like that.  I'll wait for somebody else to comment.

If it is phytophthora you can treat with Monterey "agri-fos/garden-fos"  phosphorous acid.  I have had it before and this treatment worked well for me.

I have seen this before, Did you check the plant for aphids or ants?

Check out this article:

also, does it feel resin like or is it soft and mushy? If resin-like then it's what the article says, if not then I don't know.

Hard to tell from the picture.  Snail eggs? They can be laid in a gelatinous mass like that.

This surprised me because the tree is in a near airtight enclosure and doesn't get wet till I remove the enclosure.  It is hard and the stem is wider as if something borer in and the stem split.  There seems to be no ill affects on the tree so I did not trim it off.  Snaild can come out of the soil to lay eggs on the tree but outside insects are barricaded out side.  phytophthora could get anywhere.  It is free of ants and free of aphids. Overall the tree looks better than ever before.


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