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which buds on apple graft to remove?



First time grafter.  I tried apple grafting in February, a dorset golden apple to m26 rootstock.  I couldn't get the cuts to be even with the recommended "whip n tongue", so I elected to put the specimens on my cutting board with a sharp kitchen knife and did a cleft graft.

Pictured is the second of two grafts.  This one has four buds now developing.. should I leave all four, or clean up to just one?  The first attempt has only one bud that now has a nice 4" stem sticking out (not pictured).

Thanks for the help :)

Looks good. I'd let all the buds flush for now to keep it from getting too top heavy before the union is secure. I'd prune it back to the best flush during first dormancy.

Right on, thanks!  I hope to try grafting an Anna apple next winter, so I'll have a matching pair of these low-chill apples :)


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