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ISO Nashia inaguensis aka moujean tea

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Looking for nashia inaguensis aka moujean tea/bahamas berry. Hmu im willing to trade or buy.

Looking for this too. Once had it and it's a really cool and tasty perennial tea plant. Know ECHO global farms sells them but I'm super far away from them now.

I have the oregano that looks like the tea plant but i need this one as well! Trying to get things that are good against cold, fly and hopefully covid.

I had the covid about 6 months ago. It was pretty terrible and I thought I might die at one point. Beat it using nothing but herbal remedies. Elderberry syrup, Elderberry flower tincture, chaga, ginger, turmeric, honey fermented garlic, various other herbs from mints to catnip, etc. Multiple times a day dosing with everything and almost non stop herbal teas. Crazy  array of symptoms and stages. Unlike anything I ever had before. But here I sit and defeated the shit without any medical attention.

Talking about Covid, I have Covid, dealing with it right now. It sucks. Honey and water


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