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fd were to over winter them up here????

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well fall has hit here we have frost a fue times ... my fd seedling were put in the porch before frost hit them all the leaves fell off but the stem are nice and green .... ill have about another month or so  before  they have to come in for the winter ...  i know fd can take the cold weather but not up here in Michigan not even in a unheated porch ...   i have 2 different rooms i cood put them for the winter get frost on the inside of the window on the real cold days the other is in a heated rood in the house ( 68 )....  need some input were to allow then to over winter??????


I also noticed that all the leaves on my Flying Dragon seedlings are also turning yellow and dropping from the tree.  It is that time of the year. Flying dragon should survive inside a home no matter what room you put them in. - Millet

so it dont matter good to here ... ill keep them damp...

I was thinking that as well.

When they drop their leaves they are dormant. When they are dormant they tend to rot if watered too often. So I would wait for them to lose all of their leaves, move them into the warmest room and only water them a tiny bit, let them spend winter on the dry side. Once they start to grow more leaves in the Spring, start watering them more often. None of my citrus like to be sitting in wet soil. After it gets cold I only water them once a month.


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