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Has anyone grown Mandelo  from seed? Just curious how long it would take to the fruiting stage from seed versus grafting onto Poncirius trifoliate.

Hi Nicky

You are coming up with some very interesting Citrus cultivars 8)! Thanks for making me aware of Mandelo and Panzarella.
By the way, are these cold hardy or are you just posting at the wrong place?

cheers Martin

They are not cold hardy. Because of my climate zone, I need to grow them in pots, maintain them as dwarfs and eventually fruit.

Keep my fingers crossed for you. I will try to get some seeds too, as it seems they are really unusual and tasty!

The Panzarella orange is an orange seedling that germinated in a compost pile that John had.  It is a large sized, seedy fruit with the  parentage being unknown. Don't know the winter hardiness, but John thinks one of the parents might by a sweet lemon named Ujukitsu, which is not very cold hardy. - Millet


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