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Frosthardiness experience with citrusvarieties in zone 7, down to 3,2 F

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Thomasville is a good story, Yuzuquat is an unlucky story.

Ichangquat in begin of June, two sprouts I was happy  ;D

then a few days later, a snail killed me both sprouts :-\, so I repotted the plant and now Im still hoping/waiting. I had new sprouts but from the rootstock, which I had to remove.

Ichangquat today

Thomasville today, in good shape.

would it make any sense to to grow in a 5+/- gallon pot till it is 3+ feet tall before planting in ground early spring.

6 weeks since planting in ground, a 4.5 year old seed grown Meiwa kumquat with a  0.5cubic meter canopy is starting to grow flower buds as well as foliage.  It is unlikely that animals will do much damage.

Yes, I regret not to have taken the plant into pot directly after winter for recovery. But the last years we nearly had no snails so I didn' t took that into account.
But you are right, that bigger plants have no problem to loose a few leaves or sprouts by snails.

Poncirusguy, sorry for the delay, here the pictures


Ichangquat, after snailattack to fresh sprouts I hadto repot, but now only rootstock sprouts  ::), don' t know if the ichangquat will survive.
regards Frank

update of citsuma Prague and Ivia, which are grown, but not so much as Sanford and Yuzu.

Sanford for comparison, about 80 cm high

Citsuma Prague



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