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Meiwa seedlings are slow growing


Iíve had no trouble getting citrus seeds to grow rapidly into trees until I planted Meiwa last spring of 2020. They get to about 6 to 8 inches tall and stop. Iíve switched from my traditional miracle grow potting mix that everything else has thrived in, to the 50:50 Turface/miracle grow garden soil mix that Laaz recommends. Iíve seen a little more growth since the switch but still not as much as with my citranges. Also, my Meiwa cuttings from last year have failed or underperformed in comparison to my other varieties cuttings. Also, my meiwa graft onto PT is having trouble pushing growth compared to everything else. I read in several places that Meiwa doesnít do well on its own roots; whatís the deal with finicky Miss Meiwa?

We grew a row of Meiwa Kumquats from seed years ago (they are all dead now from Citrus Greening). They were not fast or large growers, but performed fine on their own roots and produced delicious fruit for many years. The Meiwa trees we bought grafted on Swingle turned out to be incompatible.


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