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Anyone growing Croxton Grapefruit?

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Does anyone grow Croxton Grapefruit?  I would be interested to hear your of experience growing it and how hardy you judge it to be. Thanks.

Iíve been growing mine on flying dragon since 2013 or so. I cover mine each winter as needed with 4 mil plastic, 32 gallon water barrel, space heater 250 watt regulated by thermo cube. I get 8 or large fruit off of it each year and they are very sweet and juicy for a grapefruit. However, although mine have a pink blush on the rind, the inside of the fruit is yellow. I got mine from Ben Salley at Simply Citrus in Columbia SC. He grafted it from the original Croxton tree. I think mine doesnít turn pink inside because it doesnít get very warm here at 3,000 ft elevation in summer. Similarly, my Rio Star grapefruit turns pink but not a full red. My Croxton has performed well each winter without die back using the method described, even one year when it didnít get above freezing for the whole month of January.  I just make sure to uncover it when temps get above freezing to keep it cold and dormant. I actually like the taste and texture of it better than the Rio Star.

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This is my Croxton and Rio Star fruit and photos of the Croxton which is sprawling and bush like on flying dragon rootstock covered by pvc pipe frame and plastic sheeting in winter.

Thanks, The pictures are impressive. Do you prune it back to maintain size or does the flying dragon root stock naturally keep it that small?  Does it ripen in the fall or spring?   your set up for keeping them covered is nice.  It looks simple to construct and attractive.

I donít prune the Croxton. Itís a little wider than tall now. The grapefruit of both varieties are not ripe until the following spring but stay on tree well into the next fall. Most of my trees have outgrown the pvc pipe dome method. When they do, I make a wood frame that is easily taken down in spring or can be left up all year. <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />post image online<br />


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