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Does anyone know where I can buy Psidium Salutare seeds, besides a member huertasurbanas?  These are creeping bush type guavas, not tree types.  Thanks for any info.


--- Quote from: Escadora on September 27, 2022, 12:22:37 PM ---
--- Quote from: cassowary on September 22, 2022, 09:41:52 PM ---My first experience with Lilith-vzla

Nothing personal against the seller, just sharing my experience.
Communication where always good.

Most of the seeds I received from my first and only order where of poor quality, not whole (holes etc.) and completely dead. There where only two species out of 5 that where alive and had already germinated quite a lot.
I can tell they where dead since they where rotten or disintegrated to mention two characteristics.
Paid for fast DHL shipping and it was delivered fast so I "assume" that some seeds where already old or dead when sent by this seller. Maybe they where stored in the bags for a while before dispatch.

No labels on the individual packages, except just "RED" and "Orange" for Eugenia mcvaughi (I assume). The others no label and I can't distinguish the seeds from each other.
Found only 2 seeds of Duguetia lanceolata (I assume cause no label) when 10 was paid for and the seed medium where very old despite the fast DHL shipping. (Maybe the other where disintegrated, idk)
Have not seen this old/decayed seed medium in other sellers packaging or when I have sent myself even if transit was over 4 weeks.

update: The seller told me that there is a reason for not putting the name on. and maybe that seeds might have been lost in transit. Offered to send again.

Sad to have this experience and money wasted.

My experience with fermamo, Cameroon
Good communication, fast at shipping out, and decent packaging (these days he packages better with more padding), quality is good but sometimes the transit time is very long unfortunately.

My experience with Forest house
Good communication, never received anything cause always got lost or returned, even DHL returned for some reason and FHC where ok with dealing with that and offering to resend.

My experience with Mick Mick
Very good seed quality and plant quality. all good.

My experience with Poscii
Very good seed quality and sends fresh and fast, good at packing, easy to communicate with. All good.

I do acknowledge that if seeds don't germinate or arrive it's all the sellers fault, I do take some responsibility too.


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Do you have a link or contact for fermamo Cameroon ? Thanks

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The best way to contact him would be to send a "Private message" to his profile on this website. Look up his last post in the "sale" section and go to this profile from there and send a PM.

Hi, do anyone have "Nam Doc Mai #4 " (NDM #4) seeds? I would like to grow NDM from seed. Being a polyembryonic mango,  it can produce a true copy of the parent tree. Also, there will be a vigorous growth for So.Cal cold coastal weather.


--- Quote from: bulahi on September 14, 2022, 02:42:32 PM ---Aloha Kakou,

I would just like everyone to know that there is a new seed company in town, Tropical Tree Seed Co.  It is one that Iʻm starting up from the big island of Hawaii. 

If you are interested in tropical fruit seeds of any kind, I can get them for you, as long as theyʻre in season.  Feel free to check out the site, right now we have Ice cream bean, Abiu, Soursop, Longon and more constantly being added.  Plus Iʻm pretty generous with how many seeds I put in each envelope.

Mahalo Nui Loa.

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Hi guys I can verify Sean is very generous, 3 healthy abiu seeds for great prices!


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