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WTB Passiflora Antioquensis

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Looking for some small plants, cuttings, not really into seeds.  Will consider seeds if someone can vouch for a reliable source.

Would be interested to learn if you have any luck finding this.

The SF Botanical Garden used to routinely offer 'Mission Dolores' at their annual sale.
Got one there myself probably a decade ago and it was incredibly happy in my San Mateo Coastside setting - until my extended absence on a business trip did it in. I'm sure coastal SLO would provide the same near ideal 45 -70 degree cloudforest range for it.

More recently, I believe SFBG stopped offering Mission Dolores - not sure if maybe they lost their mother plant or...? Might be worth a call.
As for seeds - I rolled the dice on a dozen Antioquiensis from a vendor in Portugal last year and struck out completely. Maybe shelf life limits?

Best of luck.

Ill be sure to check in if I can find some.  Should be perfect for here.  Id be very happy to find a Mission Dolores.

Your search is a wise one. Earlier this year my fruiting vine bit the climate and folded. It was my favorite. The flavor of the fruit, the vibe of the flowers, the speed at which the vine grew...just pure loveliness. I haven't been able to source another but I may have some little plants doing there thing right now. Come next year, God willing, they will be shareable. Great fortune in your searches 💚

Seller Strange_wonderful_things from San Francisco has offered a few this past summer on eBay.  He also offered a parritae x antioquiensis hybrid.



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