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Selling jaboticabas, araticú, Psidium, Eugenia, rainforest species / Argentina!

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New special offer: free shipping for jaboticabas at 50,100,150,200,300,400,500 seeds! New 2021 varieties: peruvian, serrana.

For updated prices and species, please see:

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Paying method: PayPal / mail: marcospcmusica @ gmail , com

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Some photos and descriptions:

Best jaboticaba season is October to April.

* (sep 2021). Jaboticaba de Campo Ramón (Plinia sp.) . Wavy elongated leaves. Fruits are up to 3.5cm diameter, very good sweet taste (It has tones of maraschino cherries). This kind of jaboticabas use to grow faster than sabará and other species, they resist at least -5º or -6ºC frosts (21º F) I tested 5 feet tall trees at my parents weekend house in the last winter at -6ºC (21º F). The mother tree is 25 years old and started bearing at just 5 years old at Misiones!, (that's what the collector said, they take special care of the tree because its early bearing feature)

5 seeds USD 18 | 10  seeds USD 32 | 12  seeds USD 39 | 20  seeds USD 60 | 30  seeds USD 85 | 40  seeds USD 110

Free shipping!: 50 seeds USD 130 | 100 seeds USD 230 | 150  seeds USD 310 | 200  seeds USD 360

*(November!) Guaporetí (Plinia rivularis), amazing fruit taste! jaboticaba+peach+banana, one of my favs.

5 seeds USD 18 | 10  seeds USD 32 | 12  seeds USD 39 | 20  seeds USD 60 | 30  seeds USD 85 | 40  seeds USD 110 | 80  seeds USD 190 | 100 seeds USD 230 | 160  seeds USD 300 | 200  seeds USD 360

Some nice species:

Amazing stock on rare Annonas:

* Araticú #1, smaller

* Araticú #2, bigger

* Araticú #3, elongated

* Araticú 4, Rougher skin, (new)

* Big Araticú Eldorado

* Araticú da praia (Annona parviflora)

The rare Psidium collection pack is here! All these amazing species for USD 120 including shipping cost.

Full image, zoomeable:

Among our native fruit trees we can find several species of the Psidium genus that provide excellent tasting fruits with exceptional nutritional properties. These are rustic trees that appreciate the sun, good irrigation and resist, in different degrees, frost, wind, ponding and drought. The ideal temperature for germination is between 20º C to 27º C (68ºF/80ºF), so it is recommended, in cold weather, germinate inside the home (after soaking for 24 hours), take care of them near a window and bring seedlings outdoors in autumn / winter to a greenhouse with half shade or during the spring in the shade. Then they should get used to the morning sun or half shade. When they exceed 25cm in height we can give them full sun. It is advisable to water abundantly during the flowering and fruiting season. They usually produce their first fruits between 3 and 5 years old.

* (next stock: feb 2022) Ñangapiré negro (Eugenia repanda) March 2020. First fruiting. Fruit tree native to the La Plata River Basin in danger of extinction ... Unjustly endangered given its beauty and good taste similar to cherries / plums, as a special feature it supports the shade very well and can bear fruit in that condition . Resists -7ºC. Little stock for now, just 20 seeds! We will have more in 1 month.

5 seeds USD 14, 10 seeds USD 26

Very tasty and rare arazás are starting to ripe here! this is the Psidium season

* Arazá serrano (Psidium longipetiolatum) (feb-march 2020)  Very rare psidium, similar to strawberry guava but hardy to -7 or -8º C, bigger leaves and taller tree. I like it more than strawberry guava: deeper citrusy taste, the skin is harder. This is my favourite Psidium now along with P. robustum and hybrid Psidium; it has stronger taste. Climate: tropical, subtropical, temperate.

5 seeds, 10 USD ||| 10 seeds, 19 USD ||| etc.

* arazá pera! Very good fruit, one of the best Psidium I know. Cold hardy small plants from Misiones, Argentina.

5 seeds usd 8, etc.

Name                          Scientific name        5 seeds   10 seeds   20 seeds   40 seeds   80 seeds   100 seeds
* Guabiju, Posadas   Myrcianthes pungens   16             30                 58             110            190         230
Guaviyú: excelent fruit tree, sweet fruits full of antioxidants, ornamental and hardy plant, it resist -9ºC or so. Stock: about 300 seeds, some of them sprouting now!

16/dic 2019, Two new unidentified jaboticaba species/varieties from Argentina (near P. jaboticaba maybe), frost hardy to -6ºC or so, fruiting in subtropical and temperate climate now:

*  Jaboticaba Luján (Plinia sp.) . Taste is a bit different to other jabos I tasted (sabara, red, serrana, campo ramon, eldorado gota, inta, etc.), juicy, delicious and sweet, good seed to pulp ratio, well balanced taste, black fruits (not redish) up to 2.6cm diam, I will do icecreams soon. Fruiting in temperate climate! Not precocious. Marco Lacerda wrote about this jabo "Very unusual. Distinct from P. jaboticaba, P. trunciflora, P. cauliflora and several others. I'd approach it to P. oblongata and to Pingo de Mel (Honey Drop), however distinct from both due to the semi-persistent rounded sepals at the calyx."

Name                                Scientific name                        5 seeds 10 seeds  20  seeds 40 seeds 80  seeds  100  seeds
* Sweet uvaia Eldorado   (Eugenia pyriformis or lutescens)   18         32         60             110            190             230
Premium quality uvaia seeds are here, good stock. Sweet juicy and good size fruits from Eldorado, Misiones

 * Junin Eugenia uniflora One of the best tasting native fruits, red and black varieties from Junin:
Good stock!
See the video, good size fruits, very sweet:
Name                       (Scientific name)         5 seeds 10 seeds 20 seeds 40 seeds
Junin red pitanga    Eugenia uniflora            8     15           28            54
Junín Black pitanga    Eugenia uniflora       10    19          36            

Another good surprise! this time from Córdoba, Argentina.

* Mistol from Cordoba (Zizipus mistol) ,mixed flavor between chocolate and raisins. It is another excellent fruit native to the grasslands of Argentina. Frost hardy to -7ºC or so. Its fruits can be tasted raw or we can do the mistol coffee by means of a process by which the seeds are discarded in a mill and the pulp of the fruits previously dried in the sun are grounded.

Name                                                5 seeds 10 seeds 20 seeds 40 seeds 80 seeds  100 seeds
Mistol from Cordoba   Zizipus mistol   16          30         58            110          190         230

Big Orange Guabiroba, Eldorado, nov 2019, Big sweet fruits! I will have just a few by monday 4 nov, keep in mind that Campomanesia xanthocarpa seeds are hard to sprout. Wet seeds in vermiculite. Also you can make a wonderful tasty and anti-cholesterol tea with its leaves.

5 seeds USD 16 | 10 seeds USD 28 | 20 seeds USD 50 | 40 seeds USD 90

* (out of stock) Jaboticaba Eldorado gota (Plinia sp.)   Small leaves. Fruits are 2 to 2.8cm diameter.Taste is sweet when it ripes in black colour, with a good amount of acidity, very enjoyable. I will be cleaning the fruits, doing icecreams and selling the seeds. It is a hardy species, it can resist -5ºC (23ºF) or maybe more. Many of them has a drop shape, so I am calling them "gota" just to remember its variety or species, as there are many more at Eldorado, Misiones.

5 seeds USD 16 | 10  seeds USD 30 | 20  seeds USD 58 | 30  seeds USD 84 | 40  seeds USD 110 | 80  seeds USD 190 | 100 seeds USD 230

Name                                                   Scientific name           5 seeds   10 seeds   20 seeds   
Ubajay Eldorado, Misiones, Oct 2019   Eugenia myrcianthes   16            30            58          

Name                                                   Scientific name           5 seeds   10 seeds   20 seeds   40 seeds
Cherry of the rio grande, Red, Eldorado   Eugenia involucrata   10            19            36            68

And will have new ones by tuesday 22 Oct, for instance:

Name                                                   Scientific name           5 seeds   10 seeds  20 seeds   40 seeds   80 seeds 100 seeds
Cherry of the rio grande, Black, Eldorado   Eugenia involucrata      10       19         36             68        110          136

* Hybrid Araçá  (maybe P. guineense x P. grandifolium ), very rare, tastes and smells like pineapple/caramel/strawberries. Hardy to -6º C, it likes irrigation very much but does not tolerate flooding. It bears fruit in 2 to 3 years in pots. Climate: tropical and subtropical. Native of grassland regions, Argentina (Corrientes, Misiones, Salta)
(3/august/2019)Now harvesting Hybrid arazá in the middle of the winter! fruits will get yellow in 1 to 3 days, taste is similar to strawberries+pinneaple, lovely, pleasant smell too, very hardy species. Limited stock.

5 seeds:  USD 12 | 10 seeds:  USD 22  | 20 seeds:  USD 42 | 40 seeds:  USD 80

Stock just on #1 type
Annona aff. neolaurifolia #1 and Annona aff. neolaurifolia #2 . Two rare species, yellow fruits, sweet delicious pulp!

5   seeds USD 16
10 seeds USD 30
20 seeds USD 58

Grassland species!:

Wet climate Offer (all seeds perfectly preserved in wet vermiculite in the fridge):

New Psidium sp. for sale!

* Arazá banana Very rare. Unknown origin, precocious fruit, begins to produce at 2 years old in pot, late production (end of autumn). Very good flavor, reminiscent of a mixture between banana, pear, lemon and guava, the skin is flavorful and crispy. Small seeds that do not bother the palate. It may be similar to the arazá-johvy, but we can not confirm that it is Psidium australe or another Psidium exactly. We think it could be Central American, but we can not affirm it either; the new shoots of leaves are brownish, which can mean that it resists frosts of between -3 to -6ºC. Limited stock.

5 seeds USD   8 | 10 seeds USD 15 | 20 seeds USD 28| 40 seeds USD 54

* out of stock Biribá (Annona mucosa or Rollinia deliciosa) Frost hardy to -2º C or so, sweet taste similar to lemon pie, big fruits, very nice variety from Misiones, Argentina.  Climate: tropical and subtropical

5 seeds USD 10
10 seeds USD 18
20 seeds USD 34
40 seeds USD 66

* Sete capotes (campomanesia guazumifolia), frost resistance -6º C or so. Hardy and tasty species, the flowers have the most wonderful perfume. One of my favourite fruits: it tastes very good (maybe a mix of pear and orange). Climate: tropical, subtropical

5 seeds (USD 12),
10 seeds (USD 22)

* Psidium ROBUSTUM   Very rare psidium, it tastes very good, acid and sweet, similar to a mix of pineapple/apple/strawberry guava. Hardy to -4º C or maybe -5ºC, it can resist to 6 months of drought. Plant in a soil with some sand or perlite for good drainage. Climate: tropical and subtropical

5 seeds, 10 USD
10 seeds, 19 USD

* Arazá serrano (Psidium longipetiolatum) (march 2019)  Very rare psidium, similar to strawberry guava but hardy to -7 or -8º C, bigger leaves and taller tree. I like it more than strawberry guava: deeper citrusy taste. This is my favourite Psidium now along with P. robustum and hybrid Psidium; it has stronger taste. Climate: tropical, subtropical, temperate.

5 seeds, 10 USD
10 seeds, 19 USD


* (coming soon, nov 2021) Jaboticaba from Oberá, small leaf New Wild one from Misiones, Oberá. Deep sweet taste, very good. Many fruits have a drop shape, thin skin.

* (coming soon, nov 2021) INTA Jaboticaba Amazing news! jaboticabas keep coming from Misiones (1300 km from Junin), subtropical climate. This species was harvested 20 years ago at the San Pedro forest, then selected and growed at Eldorado, Misiones by INTA engeneer, national institute of agricultural technology. 2.5cm sweet fruits with a remarkable petiole, fruits by spring, summer, fall.


5 seeds USD 18 | 10  seeds USD 32 | 12  seeds USD 39 | 20  seeds USD 60 | 30  seeds USD 85 | 40  seeds USD 110 | 80  seeds USD 190 | 100 seeds USD 230 | 160  seeds USD 300 | 200  seeds USD 360

* (coming soon, nov 2021) Jaboticaba INTA San Pedro This time better than last year! Super sweet juicy fruits, deep flavour, I think this is better than sabara and red hybrid!

Hi, I have VERY good news, Jaboticaba seeds are on the way and we will be able to send them anywhere in just a few days.

As soon as you reserve yours it will be better because fresh moist seeds are viable for a short time. My advice is to buy now as soon as possible, before they run out, the stock is limited and the quality is top.

Jaboticaba serrana and Campo Ramón:

I am taking orders, limited stock.

Peruvian jaboticaba is here! I am eating and cleaning the fruits right now; I hope to be shipping these ones as soon as possible.

There are some really big fruits!


New jaboticabas keep coming; we have to check this one, maybe a new variety, from San Ignacio, Misiones. Short leaf, very good sweet juicy taste!

We are cleaning the peruvian one right now.


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