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Group seed order from Brazil-Order Here + sorted out!

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Hello everyone,
I am planning a group order from Andre to order some new seeds. I didn't expect so many people to be interested, so I am making this thread to keep things organized.

Here is the google doc I made with all the seed prices and availibility.
Minimum order of 10 seeds per species - If you want less than 10 seeds, you will need to share with someone else.
Here is how the order is going to go -
-People interested in buying choose their seeds.
-Once deadline happens, I tell seller what we are buying and how many
-seller to determine how much it will be (phytosanitary and shipping and other fees)
-The shipping and phytosanitary cert. cost and fees will be distributed evenly between people buying seeds.
-Costs will be calculated and I will let you know how much you need to pay (seeds you are buying + your share of fees)
-You will pay me, then I will pay seller
-Seeds are shipped
-I receive seeds in US and ship to you.

This is for USA only. (No international buyers)

The advantages of doing a group order is that we all save on shipping and phytosanitary cert. costs as these can be pretty high.
Also the order allows people to buy fewer amounts of seeds while still getting a good deal on shipping etc.

Please post or pm me what seeds you are interested in buying and I'll add you to the google sheets.

Questions, Comments, and other remarks are welcomed below :) .

. The list caps out at 10, after that you will need to communicate with others...Want to share seeds? Try contacting someone on that list. I do not have the time to ship more than 15 packages to different people. If you live near someone on the list, consider adding orders together or getting them to ship to you.

Update 11/25/21:
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Also the seller has sent me a LOT of pictures. I'll upload them tomorrow so everyone can decide.
Once again, if you have not sent me a pm with what you are buying by november 27, you are NOT on the order and will be left off. Sorry for the short notice...but if we take more time deciding, the seeds could go bad, and I still need to collect payment for the seeds also.

List caps of at 10. Please realize that it is first come first serve, unless I have talked with you before, you are not on after 10 people.
Will update list later tonight. Right now there are 8 people confirmed, (1 person is representing a group of others)

Update 11/25/21

Order is finished...This means that I am accepting no new people to the list. People who have already pmd me can change their order.
If you have sent me a pm, you will be added to the list. I will update the list. I need everyone's order by the 27th.

Please read last couple of posts on this thread - I need everyone's cooperation. Thanks for understanding and have a happy turkey day!

Update 11/26/21:
Order is closing I need everyone to review what you are buying before I let seller know. It's getting crazy, so I need all of you peoples cooperation. I'll get back to you if the order is good once seller responds after I send list and will calculate payments. Then we collect payment (Everyone can cooperate please?) Anyway, have a great weekend.

Please read newest post.

We are in the payment stage, I sent out pms to everyone on the order. Best,

Interested, thanks for setting this up. What is the currency listed on the seed list?

Im interested as well.... also confused on currency cada?

Interested as well.

I am interested,

ps: cada means 'each' in Portuguese.


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