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See my update below for seed sale, 6/4/22

Seed sale is done for 2022
No more new orders, CLOSED.


Here's some seedling trees which have great tasting fruits or is a standout fruit:

Kevin Jones:
Hi Kaz,
Count me in please.
I might as well make the deep dive into Loquats too.


I'm interested as well.

The fruits I got from you last season were amazing and got me interested in Loquats immediately.

I have about 10-15 seedlings of your line up last year and I'm pretty excited about seeing the variations down the line.

Got seeds from Kaz last year. Have bunches of trees to see how the fruit turns out in a few years. Grew other seeds from local trees that aren't anything special for grafting but I'm tempted to see the fruits on all the seedlings from Kaz.


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