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Just wanted to post a quick update ~4 weeks after re-potting. As you can see from the pictures below, there's a lot of new growth and the leaves look much happier!

One question I have: I'm using "Osmocote plus" slow release fertilizer. I fertilized it when I re-potted. The package says that it feeds for up to 6 months, and to re-apply every 4-6 months. However, I've read that citrus is a heavy feeder, and a reply above mentioned that citrus trees should be fertilized at least once a month.

How often should I reapply this specific type of fertilizer during the summer?

DMonts, did you do a "bare root" re-pot, i.e., did you remove all of the old soil mix before putting the tree into the 5:1:1 mix?
Also, keep it in the shade for about a week and transition to part sun and then sun.

Yeah I removed as much of the old soil as possible before putting it in the new mix. And thanks for the tips - definitely leaving it in the shadier area of our balcony for a bit.

All - thank you all soooo much for your feedback and help. I've certainly learnt a tonne - what an awesome forum!

Just finished re-potting the tree using a 5-1-1 (bark-peat-perlite) soil that I mixed myself. I also mixed in some Osmocote Plus fertiliser and put a layer of mulch on the top of the soil. Water now drains easily through the medium in 30s - 1 min.

I'm hoping the tree doesn't go into much of transplant shock. Can't wait to see the results - I'm hoping for the best. Thanks for all your help!

Thanks for the advice.

I did some googling and found these two citrus potting mixes (Miracle-Gro and Espoma). Anyone have experience or thoughts with this (the label link is below)?

Ok - I'm almost positive the soil isn't draining properly, hence it's likely constantly wet and so the roots are not getting oxygen.

Brian - to answer your question, if I water it now, I'm pretty sure excess water will not begin flowing out of the pot immediately. I'll try it later and see, but in case it doesn't, I'd like to know what I can do to fix it.

All - would re-potting be the best way to fix this? I'm totally fine with re-potting.

What potting mix do you all suggest? I've attached a picture of the one I used previously - let me know your thoughts.

Also, is one large drainage hole at the bottom enough, or should I drill more?   

Thanks for the replies!

So I just checked the soil and it is very wet. I used a soil moisture-meter as far down as it could go and it maxed out on the wetness scale. I even poked around the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot and it was wet too. Do you think it's been over-watered and the roots are not getting water/nutrients?

Do you think I need to re-pot it? Or should I add another fertilizer? Or both?

To address Millet's question - I'm not sure how fast water passes through to drain out the holes at the bottom. I didn't want to water it now to test because the soil seemed really wet. What's a good benchmark for this?

Thanks for the reply! Here are some close-ups of the stems - let me know what you think.

Got this key lime tree 3 months ago and there hasn't been any new growth since then. Planted outdoors on a balcony in a pot with drainage holes. The soil used is 'potting and container soil' from Pike's Nursery. I try and water only when the soil seems dry about an inch below the surface. Maybe around once a week recently. We live in Atlanta, so this tree gets approx. 6 hours of direct sunlight everyday. About 2 weeks ago, we put "Dr. Earth Natural Wonder Fruit Tree Fertilizer" in the soil and are still waiting to see any effects. Hoping for more leaves, flowers, and eventually little limes, but no luck yet. Any advice would be greatly appreciated - cheers!

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