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I come from China. I can't speak English, but I want to join you.

The above words are from the translator. If there is any mistake, don't blame it

Hello, Tim here. Just getting into the fruit arming thing the last year after purchasing a home with existing mango trees, strawberry guava, mulberry, and loquat. Since moving in we have added about everything else that is said to grow in the zone such as ice cream bean, bananas, pink variegated lemon, guava, jaboticaba, papaya, jackfruit, dragonfruit, white sapote, passion fruit, lychee, sugar apple, goji berry, araza, longan, and tons of seeds sprouting now also of other fruit plants. Its almost a 3 acre lot and after clearing 70,000 lbs of invasive exotic vegetation from the back we are getting plenty of sun now to grow fruit trees.

My name is Scott and I live in Decatur just outside of Atlanta Georgia.  I have just finished building my greenhouse just for growing tropical plants and specifically Mangos.  The greenhouse is 16x16x16 feet.  The roof opens to allow the rain to water the plants and to keep out the cold in the winter.  I have the ability to heat the greenhouse to any outside temperature I want but keep it as cold as possible for financial reasons.  I hope to find some answers to a lot of questions about growing mangos in Atlanta.  My "Carrie" mango just arrived and I hope to get it in the ground as soon as possible.  I will be researching the best ways to do this and hopefully in true forum style, I will avoid asking too many questions that have been answered ad nauseum.  I also plan on growing as many tropical fruits and vegetables I possibly can in the greenhouse.  The only other trees planted in the ground right now is my Key Lime and a banana.  I already have a small citrus tree collection. My first one was my Ponderosa Lemon that I purchased for $1 on the back of a Cheerios box in 1979 and is still fruiting every year!

Hi All-
My name is John Collin, I am a New Jersian that got Fresh and enjoys drink tropical frozen drink mix.  I am enjoying the tropical fruit growing experience here very much.

Thank you,

Darryl Gross:
Hi Everyone,
Name is Darryl, and I am new to this forum. I have been dabbling in tropical fruits for about 15 yrs.
Some exotics I have:
Dorian, Ranbutan...Lomboy and many more. I enjoy reading the posts regarding other's experiences, techniques and achievements.
Have a Sunny day!


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