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Mystery Vietnamese Cherimoya or Atemoya?


I know this is a long shot, but can anyone identify this mystery Annona? This was bought from a Vietnamese grocery store last year here in Michigan. This is the dried peel and seed. When it was fresh it was modestly sized, they were each a little less than a pound, the outer skin was covered in brown fuzzy hair and ripened to a dark olive green brown color. The flesh was yellow when fresh and dried to this orange color. I planted the seeds last year and they looked like cherimoya seedlings, but they all died when we lost power last winter unfortunately. I am mad at myself for not posting it when I had it fresh, and taking a picture of it when it was fresh and when the plants were alive but this is what I have to work with now unfortunately. I got back into Annonaceae and am wanting to see if I can find out what variety of Cherimoya or Atemoya the fruits might have been so I can relocate the plant and grow it again.

That is Annona cherimola (Cherimoya).

Have you ever seen a fuzzy Cherimoya variety before tho? Idk where they get their fruit from but it almost looks like McPherson variety but Iíve never seen them fuzzy before.

i have one variety that has fuzzy skin its called "vietnamese"

some people said its dr white but it looks different to me. 

Haha well that would be fitting then since I got it from a Vietnamese grocery store huh. Iím still so mad at myself for dropping the ball because it was the best cherimoya that Iíve had yet, none of the weird soapy aftertaste.


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