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Primo Fiore lemon


I found in a shop a couple of organic lemons packed with a small twig and a couple of leaves. I couldn't   missed it, so I graft it on citrumelo.

Lemons are juicy and acid, with a good balance. These are from Italy from La Costiera.

--- Quote ---Product description
Biological Primo Fiore lemon is a citrus fruit that has an elliptic form and middle sizes, it presents a light yellow peel very thin and a juice of high acidity.
Lemon Primo Fiore differs from the other citrus fruit for a very intense taste for the presence of high acidity in the pulp and for the abundant juice. The peel is light yellow color, of middle thickness, fine grained, while the maturation of the fruit begins at the end of October and is extended into the first days of April. It presents a middle-big size, it differs for the color, for the thin peel and for the high content of citric acid.
--- End quote ---

I collected about 10 seeds if anyone wants them, it's free just pay postage

The Primofiore is not a name of cultivar, it means fruits from first flowering.
The primofiore (literally, "first flower") matures from October 1st, has an elliptical shape, skin and flesh which varies from light green to lemon-yellow, and lemon-yellow juice; the bianchetto ripens from April 15th, is ovoid-elliptical, with light yellow skin, yellow flesh and lemon-yellow juice; the verdello matures from July 1st, is an spheroid elliptical shape, light green skin, and lemon-yellow flesh and juice.
The cultivar name is  femminello Siracusano aka Limone di Siracusa IGP.


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