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Soursop rootstock

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Just curious if you can graft atemoya onto soursop?

A couple of articles indicated that Atemoya grafted on soursop rootstock grew slowly.

I have a couple grafts going.
They are at pushing stage so I donít know how well they would grow.
I only need them to grow a little.
I donít need them to grow vigorously.

Why are you interested in grafting Atemoya to soursop?

I have a bunch of soursop rootstock. I'm more interested in atemoya. So if it's possible I'm interested in trying to graft atemoya.

I grafted a few things (atemoyas, Custard apple, ilama)  to sour sop in the past nothing ever did to will
After a year of little growth I just tossed it

One article said cherimoya grafted on soursop grew very well.

You could graft cherimoya on soursop then graft atemoya on cherimoya afterward.

I want to do this but canít keep soursop alive without a green house here.


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