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I think I successfully crossed a Yuzu with a green finger lime. Last spring I removed the petals and anthers from a flower on my Yuzu, and collected pollen on a paint brush from a green finger lime, and  got a fruit. In Nov I planted the seeds. 11 have sprouted. 8 have two sprouts and 3 are singles. all of the 8 look just like a Yuzu developing the double leaves of a Yuzu within three or four leaves growing. Of the 3 singles one is very different. It's leaves are longer and skinnier than a Yuzu or a finger lime, it has two leaves but the inner one is very very small compared to a Yuzu, and the pattern of the thorns are like a finger lime, not a Yuzu. Also is sprounted about three weeks later than the others, and is slower growing.  Here are some pics, also this is under a grow light so the color is crazy, they are all very healthy and green.
From what I can gather from reading from all of you, Yuzu are about 15% Zygotic right? and Finger limes cross fairly easily, or better than many other citrus?
I really hope it works. I want to call it an F.Yuzu

Most Australian citrus hybrids have very small leaves. Those leaves look like regular yuzu leaves. Just a heads up.

I have several Yuzu seedlings right now.  The 2nd picture looks different from mine. First leaves are different more like a Finger Lime seedling. Upper parts looks more Yuzu like.

most juvenile citrus leaves look like that. ALL of my hybrid citrus retain the small leaves. Faustrime, Bloodlime & Sunrise lime all have similar small leaves. I have never seen a Aussie hybrid with the extra wing like these have. Yuzu does not always come true from seeds & you will get variance in the seedlings. I never found a good use for yuzu & cut both my trees down.

I am very interested in this as I have considered doing this cross myself.

Quite a few excellent products are made from Yuzu.

My fave is Yuzu Kosho, a substitute for wasabi popular in Western Japan.


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