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Wanted: Variegated finger lime seeds - Help me, Aussie or US friends!

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--- Quote from: franklazar26 on September 16, 2020, 09:32:15 PM ---Every seed that I planted from a variegated citrus as an experiment, sprouted albino and died, of course

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I bet those seedlings at least looked cool before biting it.

I would not discourage anyone from germinating seeds from variegated citrus, just not to expect another healthy, variegated plant.

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They did!! Like little ghosts haha.

I wonder, if germinating from a polyembryonic seed that was from a variegated plant, do you think that would come true or just end up albino as well?

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Now that is an interesting question and something I had not thought about. I think a triploid seed might have a decent shot at producing a viable variegated plant, since one of the three seedlings would be true to the variegated parent. But with all the genetic instability inherent in variegated plants, polyembrionic seeds, and citrus in general, who knows what would happen. I would like to know what a plant geneticist would have to say on the subject.

The only variegated citrus that produces variegated plants from seed is the sour orange. All others will produce albino's


I planted seeds from my variegated pink Eureka lemon. All of them were albino, not a bit of chlorophyll in any of them. They died a short time after germinating.

I have one plant from the hybrid I made faustrime x amoa 8 which turn out variegated.
Sorry not for sale or share.


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