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Grafting on 6 week old seedlings possible ?

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I have a lot of different 4-6 week old citrus seedlings and they are growing nice. So I thought if in this age grafting heals faster. The more difficult handling due to the only 8 to 10 cm high seedlings would be the price. If my theory of faster healing is true.
I will try it the next days. But if everyone has experience, it would be interesting to hear about ?
Best regards Frank

What type graft do you plant to use?

I have grafted on seedling 15 inches tall at 4 months age.  The buds take a lot longer to grow than those grafted to bigger stock.

I tried it just now in cleft grafting, I took a Star Ruby and a Dunstan seedling on flying dragon each. The size of the seedlings was  between 3 and 4 inches. But it was difficult because the plants have been in trayers with other plants and the trunks are still very smooth. Dunstan was still easier than Star Ruby.
Other difficulty was to fix and get pressure at the grafting point, also with the smoth trunks.
So I have done it and will see the next days if they dry out or stay green. So wether it works or not It was a new experience. The reasons for the grafting have been that the seedlings are in good groth and the hope to have in spring already graftet plants for getting bigger plants in autumn. But in ever case next grafting will be done with older seedlings 😅.

Micro grafting is a rapid growing development commercially.


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