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Grafting on 6 week old seedlings possible ?

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Yes Millet I' ve seen on you tube, but this is still more complicated and needs special technics and tools.

I grafted a New Zealand lemonade tree to  Seville sour orange root stock August.28 2020.  I had 1/3 inch bud growth by October 1-2020.  4 months later I have a tree with 61 inches of linear growth now starting to push 12 more shoots.  The Seville orange was 2.5 years old at time of grafting.  There is about a 50% difference in the tree sizes of what I grafted 2 year 8 months ago.  It to is a N.Z.L on Seville sour.

I wish you well on your grafts.  Both of my trees are doing well.

While not a seedling, I grafted a Satsuma bud from a grocery store fruit branch onto a tiny rooted cutting. (I live in the North East so not really worried about spreading diseases.) The cutting is no more than a 1/4 inch wide. I did a cleft graft on top which died, but the bud graft under it took and has calloused. Just waiting for it to grow now, I have just uncovered it as the bud graft is a bit over 4 weeks old. 

Good job with the bud graph, as the rootstock you were using was not a good round shape.

I did a lot of grafts onto 1.5-2mm thick Poncirus seedlings. I had nothing better at that time. Most grafts took. But I would not say the healing was faster as compared to thicker seedlings. How fast a graft takes is just a matter of how fast the rootstock is growing. If it is half dormant you must wait for a longer time than if it is growing at the moment. Temperature plays also a very important role. Everything done at summer temperature is healing very fast. Healing is also fast in spring due to rapid growth. Late summer is possible but healing is slow then. That is my experience.


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