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Yosemite Gold Mandarin Tree For Sale - 7 Gal (SOLD)


Johnny Eat Fruit:
For Sale is my very nice and healthy grafted semi-dwarf Yosemite Gold mandarin Tree in a 7 gallon pot. I have taken good care of it with regular feedings of organic fertilizer. It is ready to go into the ground now. Should take off next year once established. The lower root system is well developed and very healthy. This is my favorite tangerine tree. The mother tree I grafted this from has been produced consistently for the past 7-8 years. Large seedless fruit with a sweet and very rich flavor. Excellent citrus tree.

Local pick-up in Huntington Beach, Calif. Cash only. Only one tree is available.

See the attached photos.

Price : $80 Firm (SOLD)

Johnny, nice looking tree, what rootstock did you use for the grafting?
FYI, I just tried the "Orri" mandarin from store, you should try it, one of the best tasting I have had. Much sweeter than Sumo, but I like the little tartness in Sumo. Both excellent fruits. I hope my grafted Yosemite Gold has a fruit next year.

Johnny Eat Fruit:
The Root-stock was Rich 16-6. It worked well on two Yosemite Gold trees I grafted. Also worked well on other Citrus.

Enclosed is a photo of the 10-year-old Yosemite Gold Mandarin mother tree on C-35. Wish I would have used a smaller root-stock in retrospect. Consistently productive the last four years. in 2021 we got over 200+ fruit.  No major alternative bearing tendencies.


Yosemite Gold on C-35 on 8-28-2021

Your tree looks very healthy, I would like the larger fruiting tree.


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