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Yuzu Leaf Diagnosis - Hypopigmentation?

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Piss P:
Hey All,

I have a young Yuzu that I recently brought indoors for the winter and I am noticing some yellow spots developing on the leaves (pics below). My thoughts are either a reaction to being moved indoors under new light or a nutrient deficiency. Let me know if y'all want more pics or info.

Any and all advice/thoughts about what could be going on are welcomed!


perhaps this link can help you even if it is in french
regards Frank

Piss P:
Danke Frank!

For posterity I will be following up on this.

Looking further, I now believe it is mesophyll collapse that came about via water stress (I err on underwatering vs overwatering) or root damage/stress from transplantation. My initial inkling came from this and I became confident in this diagnosis after reading

Mg deficiency is my second guess so I am going to throw some MgSO4 at the base for good measure. 


Piss P your tree's leaves certainly are not showing a Magnesium deficiency.  The symptoms for a magnesium deficiency is a darker green delta shape at the bottom of the leaf structure on an other wise green leaf.

Piss P:
Millet - good to know. Appreciate it! Any thoughts on my diagnosis?


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