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Trying A New Growth Medium

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I am trying a new growth medium  It is made from 50 percent Turface MVP and 50 percent potting soil.  It seems to have good
drainage and aeration.  I know that Brian, a member of this forum has been using it with good results.  I believe it was first invented by Laaz.  Although I have not been using it very long, so far so good.  Most of my trees are growing in a 5-1-1 bark peat and perlite mixture with good results, it has to be watered so often that it is a hassle during the hot summer months.  As time goes by I will post how the new medium does.

Let us know how it goes. I wonít lie the 5-1-1 has resolved my root rot issues. All of the plants in my tent (Iím growing indoors only) are thriving.

5-1-1 works great but requires regular repotting to avoid problems.  The turface mixes seem to last longer.  I finally found coconut husk mulch for sale locally (in cubes at Costco right now) so I am using coconut husk mulch, turface, and "fines" - where the fines are peat moss, and/or decomposed mulch and such recycled from repotted containers.  I had tried 50:50 turface:miracle grow but it didn't drain well for me, I think the Miracle Grow in my area is not the same as Millet gets in Colorado. 

My trees are doing very well in the 50:50 Turface:Miracle Grow Garden Soil. My Saint Teresa bloomed for the first time in two years after the repotting from Miracle Grow Citrus soil to the 50:50 Turface. My other potted citrus have put on a lot of growth this summer since the transition from cheap potting soil as well, especially the meiwa kumquat seedlings.

I'm currently "in the market" for a new growth medium. I have a hard time sourcing the pine bark fines for the 5-1-1. I was going to try the 1:1 potting soil/Turface, but after hearing Brian's experience, maybe I'll rethink. How do we know if we have the "right" MG Garden Soil in our region?


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