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WTB Prague Chimera / Dimicelli / Dragon Lime


I'm over in North Alabama (zone 7b) and trying to grow a little bit of an orchard out here with some microclimate and a bit of luck. Problem is, only a few varieties seem to be reliably hardy out here while also not tasting like poncirus. I've heard the three above are legitimately decent and have a chance of surviving my weather with some light protection. The only problem is, I've got no idea where to get them (I was able to snag baby prague graft from Stan, but he's fielding a ton of demand lately, so I'm wondering if there are any other sources out there?).

Thanks in advance!

Were you able to source seeds for any of these? Iím in a similar boat as you.

Still searching.

There's a guy on etsy (BellamyTrees) who sometimes does some hard-to-find cold hardy citrus; got an Ichang papedo, a morton, a keraji, a clem-yuz 2-2, and some others from him, but his inventory changes frequently w/o notice. I juuuust missed the dimicelli / dimicilli :/

I also managed to get some cold hardy stuff from and

shucks, iím in north texas so getting the plants is difficult. Stuck to seeds unless i want to go on a bootlegging road trip. Thanks for the rec on bellamy, interesting stuff.

No worries. You may also want to try Virginia Fruit Grower - he may be able to offer some scionwood if you're up for grafting.

And of course, Madison Citrus has some decent potential cold-hardy citrus, although edibility of some of the poncirus rootstock may be questionable (ignore the faust, that's going in a pot indoors....

[P.S., love the name. I used to grow carolina reapers here in 'bama all the time. Got a 7 year old (!) Habanero plant i've been keeping alive by overwintering indoors.)


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